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"We will consult with your attorney of record when appropriate."

"We are not lawyers or private investigators, but we will retain one if necessary."

"All sentence reductions are accomplished either through the prosecutor's office or through clemency or commutation."

"Federal compassionate release has been changed to include an application for an inmate that has been assaulted by a correctional officer."

"All clients families are required to read and review monthly this website."

Huffman's Services
"We are the prisoner's advocate."

I have been assisting prisoners since 1984.

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Taking Notes

Huffman's Services is proud to announce that the First Step Act has passed the United States Senate
and the United States House of Representatives has signed the bill into law. 

Professional Years of Experience

Huffman's Services was created based on 34 years of negotiating, starting in 1982, with local city county state and federal authorities. Our owner with 34 years of experience started Huffman's Services as a nationwide Enterprise. The key to Huffman's Services is the experience of our owner Richard Huffman. The secret to the success that he has had in reducing sentences based on cooperating with the government is based on the theory that every branch of the government exists on confidential information and that if properly motivated the government will accept confidential information and reduce a sentence accordingly based on the quality and quantity of the confidential information that has been provided to them. Huffman's Services is not a legal Enterprise it is a negotiation company. 34 years of personal experience has been converted into a company that assists the government in civil and state and federal criminal investigations. If you have confidential information and for any reason, you wish to have that information confidentially provided to the government and obtain some benefit from that information, Huffman's Services is the correct avenue. We will broker your confidential information for you whether it be for a sentence reduction or to collect a reward. The sentence reduction process is complicated various laws exist that allow prosecutors and judges to reduce sentence is based on cooperation, however, Huffman's Services utilizes those laws and acts as a go-between in these matters. Once we are retained to represent a particular defendant we do a careful investigation of the background of the judge, the prosecutor, the law enforcement agency, the defendant, the victim, the court case, Appeals, and parole.

Experience has shown Huffman's Services that proper preparation review of the active law in the instant offense is critical in the presentation of the information packet to the prosecutor. Huffman's Services provides an information packet the details all of this information along with the defendant's good conduct while incarcerated, the future residence that the defendant will live at, along with employment, so the prosecutor and the judge are aware that the defendant has a place to live. The defendant will not be a burden financially on society if released. In many cases, Huffman's Services will contact the victim and arrange to get a statement in support of some type of sentence reduction. Once Huffman's Services has arranged all of this information we will present it to the prosecutor.

Huffman's Services Process

Once we have met with the prosecutor we will come to a working agreement to reduce the sentence and go out and do whatever is necessary from making a donation to the charity, on our client's behalf arranging volunteers for a particular organization that may assist the government protecting a witness that is in need of assistance or arranging help for a victim that is an emergency need, a donation to victim services however the most likely way we will reduce our clients sentences by going out and finding with the assistance of a private investigator, confidential information that the government needs and another civil or criminal case. Once that information has been obtained we will go back to the law enforcement and the prosecutor and get a written agreement in cooperation with the judge to turn that information over to the court in return for a sentence reduction for our client.

Huffman's Services has learned from experience to trust the government prosecutors but verify. They are, after all, prosecutors. Their job is to prosecute, not to reduce sentences, so it is critically important that certain procedures are maintained, such as getting a written agreement, getting the courts signature on that agreement, and providing the information in such a manner and methods that ensure the cooperation of the prosecutor and the judge in a timely reduction of the sentence. The relationship between the government and Huffman's Services change once we have obtained that confidential information because the government will then need Huffman's services to testify for search warrants grand jury preliminary hearings trial and perhaps retrial along with any civil forfeiture. Accordingly, the government will keep their word and reduce our client's sentences accordingly.

Huffman's Services will work with the probation department to create a new probation report which recommends that both sentences reduction and the likely sentence to the judge and the prosecutor in federal cases. Huffman's services will testify at our client's sentence reduction hearing. Once our client's sentence has been reduced we will reevaluate the sentence and decide if further action is required to reduce the sentence even further for example if a client is serving 25 years and we have earned them a ten-year sentence reduction we may have to attempt to repeat the process so that our client can be released sooner than the remaining fifteen years.

Positive Acts of Responsibility & Accountability

Huffman's Services use good deeds, positive acts of responsibility, and accountability and acceptance of responsibility for the crime that our client has committed by hiring Huffman's Services, to give back to the community in some form and fashion. This act of kindness is recognized by the court in various laws and statutes, and Huffman's Services utilizes our clients' financial assets and converts them to positive good deeds in the community to earn them a sentence reduction. Huffman's Services is not interested in anybody that merely wishes to buy their way out of prison is that is not what we do and that is not what the prosecutor will accept that is why it is important that our clients be on their best behavior during the sentence reduction process because the investigation will be done of their incarcerated conduct and reported to the court.

Huffman's History

Several of the staff at Huffman's Services have had contact with the criminal justice system and have criminal records and have been in fact in custody accordingly we understand the process from the point of the defendant and experience is what counts in all aspects of working with the criminal justice system.

Client Selectivity

Huffman's Services does a thorough analysis, research, and review to ensure that the clients that we accept are clients that we can assist. Not everybody can obtain a sentence reduction based on a number of factors related to circumstances. Huffman's Services handle an average of 24 clients a year for sentence reductions and we offer one pro bono case annually which for 2018 has been assigned. Only 10% are successfully eligible for a sentence reduction after the eligibility evaluation.


Personal Tax Responsibility

Huffman's Services is proud to annually pay our state and federal taxes as a token of personal responsibility and acceptance of responsibility for our portion of our government's expenses and we strongly recommend that all incarcerated citizens maintain the proper reporting of your tax status.

Lawyers' Conduct

Huffman's services based on our owners experience for 34 years dealing with lawyers, private investigators, judges and all manner of law enforcement have learned by experience that some lawyers will not defend their clients based on the nature of the offense. There is a big difference between aggressively defending a client and doing the very bare minimum of representation. This is especially true of court-appointed lawyers and even more true of public defenders state and federal appointees. They are overworked, underfunded and they have to be very selective when defending their clients. It is this knowledge and experience that allows our research team to research not just the court record but the background of the lawyers after collecting information concerning the case process from the client and the family of the client. This allows us to take a thorough review of the record and look for those weaknesses and lack of representation to exploit for our clients best interests.


Dealing with the criminal justice system whether it be the court system, attorneys, judges, prosecutors, Department of Corrections, parole, probation, supervised release staff all of it requires one common denominator and that is patience. Nothing moves quickly, nothing gets done fast, everything takes an extended period of time to be reviewed, approved and implemented. It is a requirement of our clients that they have patience and allow Huffman services and their staff to move the criminal justice system along in a timely fashion and allow Huffman Services the time necessary to accomplish its objectives. Sometimes these objectives literally take years to accomplish such as in the case of the sentence reduction process. Just to get an inmate transferred from one facility to the other could take a year. The simplest thing, one must understand is a very complicated matter in the criminal justice system based on all of the legal ramifications and the inability of very few people within that system to have the authority to make decisions. Decisions are sometimes layered upon layer of authorities and take an extended period of time to accomplish. If you do not have patience, Huffman's Services cannot accomplish its objectives and this is a partnership between our clients, our clients' families, and Huffman's Services. A binding agreement of loyalty, trust, dedication to a specific objective that we will all work forward together in Partnership to accomplish. The truth is nothing is ever accomplished alone it takes a team effort. And the team is the client, the client's family, and Huffman Services' staff.

Second Class Citizen Status

Huffman's Services has learned in 34 years of experience that once a citizen has been charged with a crime let alone convicted and incarcerated they become in the eyes of the majority of society second-class citizens and are treated as such. Once incarcerated, communication with the outside world is heavily restricted but even when an incarcerated citizen is able to reach out into society, they are treated in a different manner. For example, if a citizen were to contact a County Courthouse Clerk of the Courts office and request a document, the process would be rather simple and straightforward, but that is not the case whe ann incarcerated citizen does so. Requests are often ignored, processed in a different manner, delays, denials and Huffman's Services understands this and that is why the majority of our services are merely acting as the representative of our incarcerated client coordinating between lawyers, private investigators, prosecutors, and other government officials to accomplish our clients' objectives. In all of our correspondence, we understand that our client is being treated unfairly as the law does not allow punishment beyond the court system for their conduct.

Never the less we treat this as an unwritten rule of society and the criminal justice system in general and handle matters in such a way as to equalize on behalf of our client and get them the relief that they are in need of as justice and fairness demands. Additionally the family members of incarcerated citizens are also treated in such a manner whether they're dealing with the court system, parole probation, department of corrections, Federal Bureau of Prisons, lawyers, private investigators or society in general and Huffman's Services accepts, understands and has certain procedures to overcome these obstacles and to take the burden off of the families. Huffman's Services will handle every aspect of the criminal justice process from arrest to release once retained. The family members should not have the additional burden and Huffman's services will be happy to accept this burden on their behalf.

Prison Corruption

There is absolutely no doubt that the worst part of the criminal justice system is the corrections division. Whether it be jail, prison, or federal penitentiary the correction staff are involved In violations of the law on a regular daily and constant basis. Their world is a separated and segregated world that the public rarely sees and has little interest in accordingly there is widespread corruption and even those that are not directly involved in this corruption turned a blind eye toward it so they can keep their employment. It is a difficult matter to be addressed because the political and judicial system has little interest in it and the majority of the public simply consider that anybody that is incarcerated is entitled to any treatment that they receive and in many cases prefer bad treatment. It is a Hypocrisy that exists that those that are the most in support of Justice will do everything possible to cover-up for the misconduct of the correction staff. Accordingly, we rarely visit a client In prison as we have been involved in many prison corruption investigations and we do not want any ill will to be transferred to our incarcerated citizen client.

Federal Prisoner Cooperation Requirement

Effective July 1st, 2018, Huffman's Services will not be accepting any other Federal clients that do not have some connection to the actual cooperation for federal prisoners. It is a requirement of the federal government that sometimes cannot be waived that the federal prisoner has some type of information that relates to the actual cooperation.

Kansas Sentence Reductions

Effective April 25th, 2019 we have been informed by the District Attorney’s Office that sentence reduction for cooperation are not possible unless the individual is on probation. However, sentence reductions are at the discretion of the prosecutor, and a prosecutor can always find a reason to consider assets reduction and use another applicable law, but it is totally at their discretion.

Pro SE Advocate

We are merely an extension of the inmates pro se efforts. we are not lawyers or private investigators who cannot give specific legal advice we cannot give you a specific law recommendation of any state or federal government statute. We are merely an extension of the inmates legal directions. While our client is incarcerated we are their voice on the phone by email and letter. Each court system has specific laws that govern process and procedure. Final determination will be made by the prosecutors judges under applicable law.

"We are merely an extension of the inmate-defendants own pro se efforts"
We are not lawyers or private investigators but we will retain one if we deem appropriate.
Sentence reductions are at the discretion of the prosecutor as to manner and method.
This is the process of last resort. This is an opportunity to give back to the community by solving an unsolved criminal case in the local District of conviction which opens opportunities for potential sentence reductions parole probation and other type of relief. You should first exhaust all of your normal legal options. There's no guarantee of success.