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"We will consult with your attorney of record when appropriate."

"We are not lawyers or private investigators, but we will retain one if necessary."

"All sentence reductions are accomplished either through the prosecutor's office or through clemency or commutation."

"Federal compassionate release has been changed to include an application for an inmate that has been assaulted by a correctional officer."

"All clients families are required to read and review monthly this website."

Huffman's Services
"We are the prisoner's advocate."

I have been assisting prisoners since 1984.

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Huffman's Services is proud to announce that the First Step Act has passed the United States Senate
and the United States House of Representatives has signed the bill into law. 


Huffman's Services believes in accountability and acceptance of personal responsibility. If a client knows the location of a wanted fugitive, Huffman's Services will accept that information, broker that information to the federal, state, or local authorities, and take the reward that is payable and put it toward the sentence reduction service. Rewards are payable by federal, state, and local authorities for wanted fugitives for information that leads to the arrest of wanted fugitives, and for information related to criminal or civil cases. These rewards are sometimes substantial; in many cases, $100,000 is not an unusual reward payable by the FBI, State Police, or County Sheriff's offices for information. There are also various types of reward that an incarcerated citizen can earn from the prison system for providing information about a prison's security-related details, and Huffman's Services is willing to broker that information on your behalf to the prison system and obtain you some type of reward. Rewards do not have to be in funds; they can be in special privileges, better housing, access to special programs that could lead to early release, a halfway house, home detention, or good time credit.

Confidential information could also be used to get the dismissal of pending charges or detainers dropped by The Authority that is holding those pending charges and detainers. Confidential information is the key to the criminal justice system as 99% of cases are pleaded out due to the strong prosecutorial case and increased sentences if one goes to trial. Accordingly, confidential information is very valuable to law enforcement. Every Court in the country utilizes confidential information: federal, state, local, immigration, bankruptcy, civil, and criminal. The value of verifiable confidential information cannot be underestimated. Parole and probation departments are constantly looking for absconders just as the Department of Corrections looks for escapees.

A Stack of $100 Bills


If you have had property or funds seized by the federal, state, or County authorities, Huffman's Services can use confidential information to negotiate for those funds or property to be returned to you as a form of reward for confidential information that you may provide to the government in a civil or criminal case. Huffman's services are experts in working with the authorities on the return of property funds related to criminal civil forfeiture proceedings.

After Huffman's Services has been retained to begin the sentence reduction process, we will begin the research in your local District of what high-profile criminal or civil cases the law enforcement Community is currently working on. We will choose those cases that are reward payable so that when we have assisted law enforcement we may apply for a reward which once paid will lower your final total bill. In this manner, our service is very affordable in the long term because after the retainer is made if we are successful and get a reward payable case resolved there will be no final total bill.

Court Cases


Reward Requirements

Due to the complexity of the reward system with the local County state and federal agencies involved, we require a written signed agreement from our client and a small retainer to cover expenses to process any reward request. For example, if you have information on a wanted fugitive, we would need a signed agreement before we could accept the information from you and some basic retainer to cover expenses such as phone, calls, faxes, emails or letters.

Save A Life

While incarcerated in County state or federal facilities there are specific statutes that allow for substantial Financial and sentence reduction rewards for saving the life of a correctional employee. If you have information about the safety of a criminal justice system employee Huffman's Services will utilize that information so that you are rewarded for your honesty Integrity and decency.

Correctional Officer

Insurance Fraud

Huffman's Services can take your confidential information concerning insurance fraud of all types contact the insurance company involved get in contact with the insurance investigator and broker an agreement to pay you a reward and other benefits for information related to insurance fraud of all types.

100% Accurate Honest Information

When providing the government confidential information it is imperative that you be 100% accurate, honest, and completely forthcoming. Any discrepancy no matter how minor can be used against you. Complete transparency is required. Any error, mistake, omission or inaccuracy can void a cooperation agreement.

Family Reunion Process

Huffman Services understands that the cruelest part of being incarcerated is the denial of access to children. Whether it be a man that is incarcerated or a woman the spouse or significant other that has the children in most cases, there will be bad feelings and they will use the children to get even in many cases with the parent that is incarcerated. They will use the excuse that because they are incarcerated they should not have access to their children. The truth is that a 99% of cases the fact that a parent is incarcerated is not going to have any effect whatsoever in any way shape or form on the child and that the only reason the child cannot have a relationship with their parent is incarcerated is because the other parent is getting even with the incarcerated parent. The truth is that there is absolutely no reason 99.9% of cases why children cannot have access to their incarcerated parent.

Huffman Services has developed several different programs and processes to assist all parts of the family unit to coexist during a term of incarceration. Children should be able to write and receive letters from their parents, they can receive gifts, they can speak on the phone, they can send emails, they can have a part of their children's lives just as if they were not incarcerated.

For 99% of the people that are incarcerated, they are not going to be incarcerated for life. They're going to be incarcerated for a brief period of time perhaps 10% of the child's life at best and when they get out they're going to want to have contact with their children and the children are going to want to have contact with them. It is important that children should not be used as weapons to get even with another parent. Incarceration has absolutely nothing to do with the well-being and development in any way, shape or form. The negative can be used in a positive manner, so that when the incarceration is over the family unit can be returned to normal and that a bad experience can be used as a positive experience. This is a difficult matter dealing with emotions and a lack of Common Sense and an ability to look beyond the parents' individual personal feelings into what is in the best interest of the child.

The parent that is not incarcerated needs to be able to see the larger picture of the development of the child. To make matters worse the parent while incarcerated will still be required in many cases to pay child support and the family court system Nationwide is historically interested only in providing income to the parent that is taking care of the child. The family court system is just as prejudiced against incarcerated citizens as any other part of the court system is. Once the incarcerated parent is out even though the parent that has had custody of the child deny complete access to that child they still will want to collect all of the child support and there is no connection legally to child support being paid and access to the child. Huffman Services can assist incarcerated citizens to get access to their children.

$10,000.00 Cash Reward

$10,000.00 cash reward is paid to anyone who assists Jamestown New York Authorities for the arrest and conviction for any felony of Christopher Decker 

"We are merely an extension of the inmate-defendants own pro se efforts"
We are not lawyers or private investigators but we will retain one if we deem appropriate.
Sentence reductions are at the discretion of the prosecutor as to manner and method.
This is the process of last resort. This is an opportunity to give back to the community by solving an unsolved criminal case in the local District of conviction which opens opportunities for potential sentence reductions parole probation and other type of relief. You should first exhaust all of your normal legal options. There's no guarantee of success.