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"We will consult with your attorney of record when appropriate."

"We are not lawyers or private investigators, but we will retain one if necessary."

"All sentence reductions are accomplished either through the prosecutor's office or through clemency or commutation."

"Federal compassionate release has been changed to include an application for an inmate that has been assaulted by a correctional officer."

"All clients families are required to read and review monthly this website."

Huffman's Services
"We are the prisoner's advocate."

I have been assisting prisoners since 1984.

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Huffman's Services is proud to announce that the First Step Act has passed the United States Senate
and the United States House of Representatives has signed the bill into law. 

About Us

Huffman's Services is a Pennsylvania company.

Richard Huffman, owner of Huffman's Services in Erie, Pennsylvania, has more than three decades of experience negotiating for reduced prison sentences in court cases. Contact us to learn more.

Nationwide Negotiators

We operate nationwide at the local, city, county, state and federal levels. We also help with immigration, bankruptcy, family court, parole, probation and supervised release cases.

Email us at for any questions you may have.

"Pro Se"

Negotiations: 1980 - 1989

Even before helping defendants with prison sentences, Huffman worked with a range of other projects. Here are some notable highlights:

  • In 1980, he successfully ran a small business charged with negotiating terms with local county authorities.
  • While in the US Marine Corps in 1982, he handled federal medical honorable discharges.
  • In 1984 and 1985, he worked with county and state prosecutors to reduce a substantial bad check charge to a misdemeanor, changing a 5-year sentence to six months.
  • In 1987, he successfully worked an artifices charge, whittling a 10-year sentence down to a five-year.
  • In 1989, he brokered the parole in difficult circumstances for an early release to a halfway house.

1990 - 1994

After garnering many successes during the 1980s, Huffman took on more complex cases during the following decade. Though not all are accounted for, below are instances of worthwhile examples:

  • In 1990, he worked on a sensitive family court matter that resulted in a minimum amount of child support and visitation rights for a father who had a criminal record.
  • With a wire fraud case in 1991, he negotiated terms down to 27 months for a situation involving US Marshalls and extradition. In the end, he arranged for the client to be transferred to a prison of his choice and brokered the earliest possible release date to a halfway house.
  • In 1994, Huffman took on a business case involving massive debt issues that included federal and state criminal charges.

Other Notable Cases

In addition to successfully negotiating charges for burglary, drugs, and extortion, Richard Huffman has had favorable outcomes in financial cases too. Huffman convinced Federal authorities to plea a minor wire fraud charge to an individual, and at the same time persuaded six County and state jurisdictions to dismiss their charges in lieu of the federal charge to run concurrently. He also negotiated testimony for three murder cases. If you want to reduce your current sentence, trust Richard Huffman to do reputable work on your behalf.

He has testified before grand juries, preliminary hearings, and cooperated with multiple jurisdictions on dozens of occasions.  He will go out and find confidential information and provide it to the prosecutor and back it up with testimony to earn our clients a sentence reduction.

Sentence Reduction Laws

In both the federal and state criminal codes, there are specific allowances for cooperation with the government. One way for federal defendants to increase the likelihood that they will receive lower sentences or have a previously imposed sentence reduced is by cooperating with the government.

When a defendant cooperates, it means that he helps the government investigate or prosecute someone else. There are two ways that cooperating can result in a lower sentence. If the defendant cooperates before sentencing the prosecutor can file a motion pursuant to 5K1.1 of the United States sentencing code. If a defendant cooperates after sentencing the prosecutor can file a Rule 35 motion. Every state has its own specific state laws concerning cooperation.

Huffman's Services utilizes these laws and cooperates on our client's behalf so they don't have to but they benefit from our cooperation. Acceptance of responsibility is also a further reduction in a sentence and by retaining Huffman's services and cooperating this allows both the prosecutor and the judge to Grant sentence reductions.

Statistically depending on government provided information the average sentence reduction is 15 to 20%, but there are various factors that could increase this significantly. 18 USC 3553 e and Rule 35 have various different statistics.

Mission Statement

Mr. Huffman is on a personal mission to make up for mistakes that have happened in the past in his own personal life and truly wishes to help everyone that he can help in these situations. He takes these matters very personal and is highly motivated to resolve them for his own historical personal reasons.

Charity Division

Every year using available "long-term expenses trust funds", our company performs a charitable act related to prisoner relief. In 2017, we found a home and purchased and remodeled the home, and provided it to a former female inmate and a recovering drug addict and her family to start their life over again with an opportunity for success. She will be moving in their new home in 2018. When that matter was concluded, we turned it into our office. We also work with local authorities on the terrible drug addiction epidemic, spending time and resources combating the local drug problems in our community.

"We are merely an extension of the inmate-defendants own pro se efforts"
We are not lawyers or private investigators but we will retain one if we deem appropriate.
Sentence reductions are at the discretion of the prosecutor as to manner and method.
This is the process of last resort. This is an opportunity to give back to the community by solving an unsolved criminal case in the local District of conviction which opens opportunities for potential sentence reductions parole probation and other type of relief. You should first exhaust all of your normal legal options. There's no guarantee of success.