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"We will consult with your attorney of record when appropriate."

"We are not lawyers or private investigators, but we will retain one if necessary."

"All sentence reductions are accomplished either through the prosecutor's office or through clemency or commutation."

"Federal compassionate release has been changed to include an application for an inmate that has been assaulted by a correctional officer."

"All clients families are required to read and review monthly this website."

Huffman's Services
"We are the prisoner's advocate."

I have been assisting prisoners since 1984.

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Huffman's Services is proud to announce that the First Step Act has passed the United States Senate
and the United States House of Representatives has signed the bill into law. 

Expert Witness

We can provide expert witness testimony in either a civil or criminal case, $10,000 retainer.

Our Proven Negotiation Strategies Can Reduce Prison Terms

Huffman's Services in Erie, Pennsylvania, works directly with clients to obtain critical information to reduce prison sentences. In return, clients can receive extraordinary allowances, but confidentiality is essential to making this process successful.

Executive Action

Huffman's Services can assist to file, and follow up on state and federal commutation of sentence clemency, and pardon applications, and can track them, and continue to provide updated information to those initial applications, and to make phone calls to the people that review those applications to keep it at the Forefront of review for executive action by either the governor of the state or the president of the United States.

If you provide us your confidential information, we will contact the prosecutor and negotiate on your behalf. Our Special projects team comes up with various ways to reduce your prison sentence:

Charitable Donations • Volunteer Service • Victim Assistance

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Private Investigators

Private Investigators are retained with a $1,000 down payment $500 goes to the private investigator $500 for the research. $500 a month for the private investigators alternate back and forth for the private investigator work and the research of the private investigator work. This matter gives the private investigator more time to work us time to research and do the job in between the months while we are updating the monthly report.

Eligibility Evaluation Clarification

Eligibility evaluation evaluates the particular federal or state options to reduce the sentence from a formal sentence reduction, commutation, clemency, pardon, parole, probation, consecutive sentencing to concurrent jail time credit, early release. We also review the history of the case, the client, both the legal and the media, medical, mental health, Etc. A sentence reduction is not just going back before the judge. There are other options.

Sentence Reductions Nationwide

Huffman's Services using the existing laws that are available in every state and the federal government: concerning cooperation with authorities, substantial assistance to authorities and counting on the common decency to provide relief when successful cooperation is provided to the criminal justice system in general, using those laws to obtain third-party type benefits to our incarcerated clients such as sentence reductions, consecutive to concurrent sentencing, etcetera. This process requires the consent of the prosecutor at some juncture in the process and an average time of 12 months to actually do some type of cooperation that would resolve to find a wanted fugitive, solve a criminal case, at that juncture upon motion of the government the defendant would be returned to court, appointed a lawyer, have another probation report and go back before the judge for a sentence reduction hearing. There would also be an opportunity with the new lawyer to argue for a further sentence reduction based on other circumstances unrelated to the cooperation. To minimize your expenses we will work with court-appointed type lawyers. Good conduct, payment of restitution, taking drug alcohol sex violence programs and voluntarily taken educational vocational religious courses and learning certificates diploma's and awards and other positive accomplishments are necessary for a substantial sentence reduction to show that the individual is a changed and more productive person. We will also need to show they are not a burden on society by obtaining legitimate offers of employment and a residence when released. This entire process takes an average of 18 months.

Pre-Conviction Assistance

Huffman's Services are experts at every stage of the criminal proceedings from before you are arrested, to arrest bail grand jury hearings, depositions interrogatories, preliminary hearings, choosing a lawyer, cooperation with probation, how to address the judge, a lot of tips of the trade that we have learned over 34 years are at your disposal because Huffman Services has assistance during all stages of the proceedings. While we are not lawyers or private investigators, over 34 years, we have learned certain actions to take and, more important, certain actions not to take. There is a right way and a wrong way. The criminal justice system is another world. Choosing the right lawyer who will not just represent you, but defend you and who is telling you the truth and lying to you as is important at every stage of the preceding.

Our Immigration & Parole Services

Huffman's Services provides complete immigration and parole services for the incarcerated. We will contact the immigration services and find out which specific agent is assigned to your case. We will work with them to obtain all of the documentation that is required. We will assist in stopping deportation, arranging visas, obtaining character references, and other such assistance as may be needed when dealing with the immigration department. Remember that while Huffman's Services are not lawyers or private investigators, we are negotiators that sometimes hire lawyers and private investigators to assist us in meeting our mission objective.

There is a vast array of options when dealing with the immigration department, and it requires knowledge, patience, and an ability to work within that system. Much like obtaining a sentence reduction for a criminal defendant, the Department of Immigration requires various types of confidential information and assistance for their Department to operate, and Huffman's Services is willing to work with them.

People Talking

Similarly, Huffman's Services will work with parole, probation, and supervised release agents in obtaining various types of Parole and Probation Services. We will carefully review your file, contact the appropriate person, and negotiate with them to accomplish our objective; whether it's a state to state transfer or some specific need that is important to our clients from supervised release, halfway house, etc.

The key to dealing with parole staff is to understand the rules and what their obligation is. If you're going before the parole board, we will carefully investigate the members of the parole board, their recent decisions, questions that they normally ask, and what they're looking for and provide you with background information so that you are prepared for each individual parole board member.

Additional Huffman's Services Offered

Internal Prison Service

We offer an internal prison assistance service where we can assist the incarcerated citizen with just about any internal prison problems such as obtaining medical care, mental health, vocational, transfer, housing, staff problem resolution services, disciplinary, appeals, good time credit, parole, probation, supervised release, halfway house, getting veterans their benefits while incarcerated, safer housing, treaty transfers, civil claims, grievances, religious rights, reduction of court cost fines and restitution, research to find family friends and supporters companies names numbers and addresses research of LexisNexis Pacer Court media internet database civil criminal Financial Family Court immigration bankruptcy research projects, etc.

We have an external prison assistance service where we are assisting the incarcerated citizen with just about any external prison issues such as finding friends, family, research, financial, credit, and investment records, driver's license update, court records, bankruptcy, divorce, family court, child support reduction, buying and selling of real estate, paying or collection of bills, getting consecutive sentences to run concurrent getting detainers dismissed in lieu of current incarceration, research to see if tax funds are available to you for a refund, research to see if information about the location of a wanted fugitive about a criminal case to help solve it may pay you to reward and just about any external prison issue where the incarcerated citizen has a problem concerning basic communication with the outside world.

People Working on Computers

Huffman's Services is a partnership with our client, and our client is required to maintain confidentiality during the sentence reduction process, stay out of trouble in prison so it does not become harder to get a sentence reduction, and provide us a written history about their past so there are no surprises when meeting with the government. It is sometimes helpful if the client has a third party outside of prison to contact as a go-between during the sentence reduction process.

Huffman's Services also provides assistance in removing obstacles to your releases such as warrants, detainers, civil judgments, pending criminal matters, wants and other inquiries on your National Crime Information computer record that might delay or prohibit your release. Additionally, we also can get consecutive services to run concurrently which in and of itself is a massive reduction in the sentence's total time-to-serve. This also affects your security level when you have outstanding detainers and warrants, whether civil or criminal. It can interfere with you getting your security points lowered to go to a medium or a camp as opposed to a maximum penitentiary.

Huffman's Services are experts in every aspect of the criminal justice system from pre-trial to post-trial, to arrest, to conviction, to release, to Post Release, Parole, probation or supervised release. There is no federal or state internal prison rule or regulation that we are not familiar with. We are intimately familiar with the U.S. and state codes. The owner of our company, Richard has worked with hundreds and hundreds of prisoners over a 30-year period, assisting them with thousands of criminal and civil matters and contrary to popular belief, the majority of these things do not require a lawyer or a private investigator to resolve. We are experts. There is nothing and no one knows that more than this company's staff about every aspect of the Criminal Justice System, inside and out; we can resolve any matter no matter how complicated it may be. The most difficult problems are easily resolved by Huffman's services.

Huffman's Services also provides treaty transfers, consecutive time to concurrent time, dismissal of pending charges, wants and warrants, detainers and resolution of just about any problem interfering with the release of our clients.

Civil Forfeiture

Huffman's Services can assist in civil forfeiture cases, whether it be property, cash, vehicles or other property that has been seized by the government, Huffman's Services can negotiate substantial returns of assets.

Tax Assistance

Huffman's Services can assist the incarcerated citizen with filing state and federal taxes. Huffman's Services can also research various tax databases to see if you have any tax refunds due and if you have specific information about your pending taxes prior to your arrest we can research that and get those taxes properly filed so you can get your refund that you're entitled to.

Definition of Sentence Reduction

The definition of a sentence reduction is running a sentence consecutively to concurrently, parole, probation, supervised release, good time, executive clemency, commutation pardon, dismissal of a detainer, etc. Some states have a law that allows for specific type of sentence reduction where you go back before the judge to receive an actual reduction in the sentence others do not have this option and those States we work on executive clemency; parole, probation, supervised release, getting additional jail time, getting a detainer to be dismissed and we will never know exactly the specifics of how we will obtain a sentence reduction until we have done the "eligibility evaluation". During the eligibility evaluation, we will do all the research on the case, obtain the internal prison records and ascertain the exact process to obtain some type of sentence reduction. We will then plot a strategy to move forward depending on the circumstances.

Consumer Fraud

Huffman's Services can assist incarcerated citizens to file follow up and successfully file state and federal attorney general Consumer Fraud complaint forms if they have been a victim of fraud while incarcerated from a person or a business.

Consumer Fraud

LexisNexis Research

Huffman's Services can do all types of LexisNexis research especially when time is of a critical nature in a pending court proceeding, we can produce material faster than anybody.


P.A.C.E.R. Research

Huffman's Services can do worldwide, Nationwide, state, county, city civil and criminal research. We can respond to your request faster than the other research companies can.


Treaty Transfers

Huffman's Services are experts in every aspect of treaty transfers and have available all of the necessary forms procedures, policies, and rules Nation per Nation.

Prison Transfers

Huffman's Services can process the necessary documents to apply for prison transfers not only within your own State or the Federal Bureau of Prisons but also state to state transfers for any number of reasons from safety security compassionate Health welfare even when a particular state does not have an interstate agreement compact with the other state. Huffman's Services have a substantial list of inmates that would like to be transferred to other states and can formulate these inmates with other inmates so that they can arrange transfers.


Huffman's Services can investigate the disciplinary infraction and negotiate the reinstatement of privileges.

Religious Rights

Huffman's Services can assist to obtain equal treatment and access to the religious protocols required for your faith.


Huffman's Services can obtain special permission for various types of visits and expedite visitation approval. 

Special Housing Unit

Huffman's Services can arrange for better housing privileges and transfers to other special housing units, lifting of restrictions, and reinstatement to the general population.

Third-Party Cooperation

Some state and federal jurisdictions prohibit third-party cooperation. However, both State and Federal prosecutors accept Third Party Cooperation on a case by case basis. Huffman Services will contact the individual prosecutor and will confirm the eligibility.

Prison Corruption Investigations

Huffman's Services works with various Security Services law enforcement agencies, state and federal, and if there is corruption within your prison, we can act on your behalf to provide this information to the authorities.

Factual Innocence Claims

Huffman's Services are not lawyers or private investigators but there is no requirement that a citizen cannot assist in an investigation of factual innocence interviewing Witnesses locating evidence reviewing documents and coordinating between various groups that handle factual innocence claims such as 'the Innocence Project'.

Expedited Sentence Reduction Service

Huffman's Services can provide expedited sentence reduction services. However, that requires the services of a private investigator licensed in the county and state where the conviction did occur. Local law enforcement will make a referral to the private investigator which they prefer to work with and we will negotiate and retain those private investigator services to work with law enforcement to solve a high-profile case. This intensive cooperation with local law enforcement by a member of the private investigator services, that is local in the area, expedites the process from 18 months to an estimated 6 months. This process cost approximately $25,000.

License Up To Date

Huffman Services can assist you to keep your driver license and other state and federal licenses.

Pen and Book

Book Publishing

Huffman's Services is proud to announce that we are working negotiating with a Publishing House to publish a series of how-to books concerning the criminal justice system, the correctional system, the private corrections systems and several books concerning dealing with the prison system when you have a loved one incarcerated. We have purchased twelve book options through XLibris. These books will be available for purchase through our website, Barnes and Noble,, and bookstores everywhere.

Book #1 (The Negotiator)

Book #1 (The Negotiator)
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Book #2 (HIM)

Book #2 (HIM
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Book #3 (Michael's Bargain)

Book #3 (Michael's Bargain)
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Our Newest Project

Book # 4 John Alexander Snyder (Female Abuser), book # 5 The Jessica Reed story, # 6 "Megan's Story" (Drug Addict), #7 (Drugs & Prostitution) THE WOMEN'S STORY are in production and scheduled for a release July 4, 2020.


Prisoner Book Self Publishing

Huffman's Services can take your rough manuscript, have it converted into a proper manuscript, have it reviewed by an expert, and then arrange to have the book self-published based on your specific criteria.

• Life of a prisoner's family

Life of a prisoner

• Prison World

Parole, Probation, and Supervised Release

• Law enforcement

• Prosecutors

• Dealing with the Criminal Justice System

• Lawyers

• Justice

• How to get out of prison

• Judges

Compassionate Service

Huffman's services can assist to get you a deathbed hospital visit with a loved one and/or a funeral visit. We can also assist you with compassionate/hardship applications for early release, parole, probation, supervised release, halfway house, or home detention.


Huffman's will never give out any aspect of our client information to anyone under any circumstances ever in any way shape or form without the express written permission of our client. We do not provide any information about other clients to potential clients nor do we make referrals from one client to another as Safety and Security is our primary mission.

Nation to Nation Transfers

Huffman's can negotiate between nation states to arrange prisoner exchange from one country to another. We can accomplish this mission even if there is not a treaty between governments. This exclusive and confidential and politically sensitive information requires contacts at the highest levels of the United States Government. The owner of our company will work with the United States State Department and coordinate with the embassy and consulate.

Military Cases

The owner of our company is a former United States Marine, honorably discharged veteran. He is intimately familiar with all aspects of the uniform code of Military Justice. We handle all military cases.

Washington D.C. Cases

Any offense committed within Washington D.C. is a federal offense. While Washington D.C. cases are different, Huffman's Services handles all cases.

Attorney Misconduct

Ineffective assistance of counsel is the primary cause of convictions. Huffman Services can assist to resolve these types of cases. We are experts at obtaining assistance from your lawyers, both past, and present. We are also experts at filing state and federal attorney grievance complaints, county and state bar association complaints and assistance to obtain affidavit and depositions from your past lawyers.

Holiday Assistance

Huffman Services understands how difficult it is to be incarcerated during a holiday or an important event. Accordingly, we have developed a non-profit payment plan program where if you want a particular action taken during the holidays if you will contact us in advance to establish the account we will be able to accomplish your objective when the holiday arrives. For example, you may want a letter sent, a card delivered, a gift or perhaps a personal appearance and something told to somebody that is important to you. Perhaps you would like Huffman services to visit the grave of a loved one and leave a message or a picture or read something to them perhaps over Father's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays or some anniversary we will be happy to do so and take a picture of the event and mail it to you so that you know we accomplished our objective on your behalf.

Marriage and Divorce

Huffman's services are experts at every state and federal prison systems rules, process and procedures and obtaining the necessary forms and proper signatures for an incarcerated citizen to get married. This process is many times complicated, politically sensitive and requires contact with the chaplain, warden's office, and Central and Regional Offices on occasion. Alternately we can also assist the incarcerated citizen to obtain the necessary documents for the divorce process and obtain those forms on their behalf and work with the county authorities to obtain the original marriage records to implement the divorce process. We can also assist the incarcerated citizen to find their spouse to get the proper signatures on the divorce petitions.

Plea Agreement Research

Huffman's services will do all of the research, working in conjunction with your lawyer to come up with all of the possible options for the reduction of sentences based on downward departures. Our research department will use your indictment, grand jury, and other specifications of your offender's history to determine the proper guidelines sentencing level.

We can also assist with facility designation so the judge will order you to a particular facility that is appropriate based on your security programming needs and term of incarceration. Our plea agreement research will also evaluate review the proposed plea and make recommendations through your legal counsel for adjustments to lower your sentencing guideline range and provide you the programming you need to make you eligible for further prison sentence reductions for successfully completing prison programs.

Victims' Services

Huffman's services can assist victims to get assistance from the government to include financial assistance, victim's services, relocation and separation orders. If you have a verified police statement that results in an arrest and/or a conviction, we can assist you with applying for government benefits, compensation for lost work, and compensation for property, especially if you are a victim of witness intimidation and are a witness to a crime. When cooperating with the government, there are rewards paid by the local city, county, state, federal, and sometimes private organizations, and we can coordinate our assistance to you with these private organizations under a pro bono victim Services agreement.

Medical Assistance

Huffman's services can assist incarcerated citizens to get medical attention while incarcerated. We can contact the central office, regional office, and facility for State Department of Correctional Services and Federal Bureau of Prisons. We will contact those authorities through letters, emails and phone calls. If necessary, we will assist to file state medical conduct board complaints against the doctor or nurse to motivate compliance with medical directives.

Internal Prison Assistance

Huffman's Services is proud to announce additional inmate services. Due to the inherent unfairness of the disciplinary, classification, medical and grievance process for federal, state and County prisoner's we are offering assistance with all of these internal prison problems.

We will assist the incarcerated citizens with research, the filing of documents, the internal appeal process at every level from the facility, regional office, central office or either the Bureau of Prisons, Department of Correctional Services or the county jail facility until all of the internal prison remedies are exhausted. We will act as an extension of your efforts working closely with you and following your instructions exactly as the pro se litigant for all of these different Services. We are not offering Legal Services but to assist you and your own Pro Se litigant decisions and to act as an extension of those decisions. It has been our experience based on 34 years of experience with the criminal justice and prison system that most issues can be resolved if proper communication and be established with the proper authorities in the chain of command. This is especially true with the prison system due to incarceration and the problematic nature of communication.

Medical issues sometimes can be resolved by filing a licensed complaint against the doctor. Classification decisions may be able to be resolved by providing the proper documentation. Disciplinary issues may also be resolved by being able to contact the proper authorities at a higher level which an inmate sometimes cannot do in a timely fashion. Exhaustion of administrative remedies through the grievance process is a requirement to be able to get into federal state and County Court and the prison system has designed through abuse of the exhaustion of administrative remedy process certain procedures to delay, deny and confound the inmate litigant. All of these matters deal with the human condition of being incarcerated and the fact everything from the security level, housing and educational, religious, social, programming, and medical rights and privileges.

We are offering the services for the entire process until the internal prison remedies have been exhausted. At that juncture, we could assist you with a separate agreement to begin the process of litigation in court. These services and expenses there and only cover expenses we are not making any profit but are assisting are incarcerated clients in the interest of Justice. However, it must be clearly understood we are not offering legal assistance we are offering research and communication assistance as an extension of the inmates pro se litigant.

Executive Assistance

Huffman's Services can assist the incarcerated citizen to file a pardon, clemency, commutation of sentence application with the president of the United States or the governor of the state you are incarcerated in along with assistance to file for restoration of disability rights such as the right to vote, the right to bear arms, Etc.

Attorney Recommendations/ Referral

The most important aspect of dealing with the criminal justice system is having the right lawyer and the biggest mistake that family members made is randomly choosing a lawyer who may be a friend of the family or somebody they heard up which is completely the wrong way to choose a lawyer. A lawyer has to be selected based on his expertise and the lawyer that does not practice 85% of legal work in a particular area is not an expert. Huffman's services can find you the right lawyer in your area at the price you can afford selected to your particular legal problem. We will research, analyze and confirm with the state and County Bar Association that this lawyer is a board-certified lawyer in the type of work you need to be done. This decision is probably the most important decision that a family member will make when trying to help a family member as resources are limited, time is critical and there is a big difference between a lawyer that will represent your loved one and one that will defend him and fight.

Public Interest Rewards

Occasionally, our company posts a reward to solve a high-profile criminal case, dealing with a particularly notorious individual in the interest of the local community and Society in general. We are doing this is as a public service. This reward is paid to the individual or individuals that work closely with law enforcement to solve a high-profile criminal case dealing in particular with a particular individual in a particular jurisdiction. The requirement is that it must be a felony, there must be an arrest and a conviction. The reward is a standard $10,000 reward which we do once every year.

Sentence Reduction Process

Sentence reduction in some states is a step by step process. For example in the state of Texas sentence reductions require the consent of the prosecutor, and then the parole board has to agree to the terms and finally, the governor's office. 

Attorney's Assistance

Huffman's Services will always attempt to utilize the lawyers that have previously represented the defendant, when at all possible because they are the individuals most familiar with the particulars of the case. We are currently reviewing all past cases and will be sending letters out to their legal counsel requesting their assistance and on current cases also, effective August 15th, 2018 due to the difficulty and accessing certain prosecutorial offices.

Cooperation Description

Huffman's Services will retain a licensed private investigator in your local district of conviction. This private investigator will be recently retired or injured in the line of duty from the local law enforcement community. The private investigator will be trusted by the local law enforcement community to solve a high profile case. The private investigator will be utilized to further develop the confidential information that our clients possess. Once this information has been developed it will be provided to the prosecutors for verification. In some cases, a private investigator will solve a high profile criminal case without our clients' information.

Services Guarantee

There is no guarantee of the end result when dealing with the Criminal Justice System. We guarantee we will do all of the work we are paid to perform however we cannot guarantee the decisions of the authorities.

Local Public Service

There is no guarantee of the end result when dealing with the Criminal Justice System. We guarantee we will do all of the work we are paid to perform however we cannot guarantee the decisions of the authorities.

The Process

 Huffman services will make initial contact with the prosecutor's offices to inquire if they are willing to consider a sentence reduction and since we are not lawyers depending on the circumstances we will then turn the matter over to a lawyer to further develop the particulars of that sentence reduction process either using an existing lawyer that represented the defendant getting the court to appoint a lawyer or finding a lawyer that will assist the defendant in a particular negotiation concerning all of the details of that sentence reduction and we will concentrate on solving a high-profile criminal case using a licensed private investigator to meet the requirements of the cooperation laws nationwide.

2021 Private Investigations Policy Changes

Effective January 1, 2021, we will no longer be issuing a monthly report every month from our private investigators to our client. We will be issuing a report every other month. In the interim month when we do not have a report, we will research the work they did that month, coordinate with law enforcement, perhaps put out a reward for some online information requests and any other matter that we may be able to attend to during those 30 days in between reports from our private investigators.

That will allow them more time to work before they have to stop working and issue us a report, and it also allows us to better monitor their progress and do additional work that would move to solve a high profile homicide case in the local district of conviction to satisfy the prosecutor for purposes of obtaining consideration of a sentence reduction.

Please remember sentence reductions are at the consideration of the prosecutor, totally at their discretion they may be willing to consider a sentence reduction, but it requires successful solving of that homicide along with the client staying out of trouble while incarcerated, disciplinary free, taking all the required courses, restitution payments, and compliance with our policies it does not affect the payment structure of the monthly private investigator.

Prosecutor Cooperation Verification

We will verify with the prosecutor's office if they are willing to consider a sentence reduction through the following options: phone call, letter, email, personal visit, and review of the online cooperation policies of that prosecutor's office. If we decide that it is in the best interest of our client to proceed with an attempt to solve an unsolved criminal case to obtain a sentence reduction, we will do so in rare cases without direct consultation because we believe that if we can solve a murder case, homicide case, or a high-profile case in the local district of conviction, we can overcome any final objections from the government by solving a high-profile unsolved homicide case in the local district of conviction.

Kansas Clients

We are no longer accepting any clients in the state of Kansas, other than pro se.

"We are merely an extension of the inmate-defendants own pro se efforts"
We are not lawyers or private investigators but we will retain one if we deem appropriate.
Sentence reductions are at the discretion of the prosecutor as to manner and method.
This is the process of last resort. This is an opportunity to give back to the community by solving an unsolved criminal case in the local District of conviction which opens opportunities for potential sentence reductions parole probation and other type of relief. You should first exhaust all of your normal legal options. There's no guarantee of success.
We do not contact the prosecutor's offices until the case is solved. We will use the work of the private investigator during the investigation with the commutation of the remainder of the sentence process.