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"We will always consult with your attorney of record"

Huffman's Services is proud to announce that the First Step Act has passed the United States Senate
and the United States House of Representatives, and President Trump has signed the bill into law. 

Huffman's Services Profit

Huffman's Services only earns a profit if we solve a high-profile case and earn a reward paid by the government. The money paid by our clients is merely to cover the expenses to solve that case and we do not profit from any of the expenses that are provided to us.

Huffman's Services holds those expenses in escrow utilizing them for our business purposes and to cover your expenses for the sentence reduction process. We receive no profit from the expenses we are provided on behalf of our clients we only profit from successfully assisting local law enforcement to solve a high-profile criminal or civil case and are paid a reward. That is our only profit.




Huffman's Services is committed to accomplishing its goals and working within a tight budget with many of our clients. However, in either event, this is an expensive service in which we have to research the records and take the time, trouble, and efforts to negotiate with the authorities. This is a complex, time-consuming, sensitive, politically discreet and confidential matter. Additionally, during the course of the sentence reduction process, we may have to retain a lawyer, a private investigator or both on your behalf.

Different Retainers

Different retainers apply to different services. Please contact our office to request what the retainer is for the particular service you want.

Expenses that you will be required to establish for the sentence reduction process. Huffman's Services requires $10,000 to begin working on any case. In addition, you can expect that the average monthly expense, which we will invoice you for, to be about $200. As long as you maintain those expenses during the course of the sentence reduction process, monthly travel expenses six times a year are $200 and they're invoiced at the end of the month net 30 days.

Huffman's Services must maintain an expense account because when co-operating with the government we may be required to testify by subpoena and the expense of testifying is part of the expense package.

Understand that we cannot specifically give you an exact figure of what our total bill will be since we will not know ahead of time how much time, trouble or effort will be involved in accomplishing your specific sentence reduction. However, we will work with our clients, their family, friends, and supporters on paying the final fee as long as the expenses for the costs of the sentence reduction process are maintained during the course of the sentence reduction process.

We require an expense retainer because we may be subpoenaed by the government many years later to testify in some case before the courts or grand juries, or at law enforcement interviews in matters related to your sentence reduction.

Once we are retained, we continue to work on the case with our client or client's family, friends, and supporters to pay off the total final bill and it will not stop us from proceeding with the maximum possible sentence reduction.

Huffman's Services always tries to minimize our clients' final bill by searching out high-profile reward payable cases to solve. In the event that we solve the case to reduce your sentence and there is a reward payable you would have no final total bill. In fact if you tell us that you cannot afford the final total bill then we will only work on high profile cases to solve that pay a reward so that you do not have a final total bill because many families can afford the retainer and the monthly expenses but they cannot afford the final total bill accordingly Huffman's services will work with you so you have no final total bill by solving a reward payable case to earn the sentence reduction.

Once you decide to retain Huffman's Services, we will send you a simple agreement to sign which authorizes us to act on your behalf to retain a lawyer or private investigator or take any such action we deem appropriate and necessary to reduce your sentence. You will receive a monthly statement detailing our exact efforts and you will have complete contact with Huffman's Services through either our website email or phone.

Many times we are asked why our service is so expensive. We can only respond that there really is no dollar amount one can place on their freedom. Every day is precious. While you can earn additional funds, you can never get back a day lost from your life.

Payment Plans

Huffman's Services understands that it is a difficult job to come up with the amount of money necessary to retain our services so we have a basic retainer requirement and then we will work with the family friends and supporters of our clients to pay off the remainder of the retainer in a monthly payment plan we understand that until our client is released our final total bill cannot be paid.

Refer-a-Friend Program

Huffman's Services understands that while incarcerated, financing is a difficulty. Resultantly, we have created a refer-a-friend program. For every client that you refer to us prior to them becoming a client, we will give you some type of credit toward off your bill. Theoretically, with enough referrals, your entire bill would be covered. When the inmate provides the name ID number and address of another inmate for the refer-a-friend program we will log that in the client's file and if that individual contacts our company and actually retains our company services we will provide that inmate that referred the other inmate to us a 10% credit, for example, the average sentence reduction costs $15,400 and we would provide a $1,540 credit to the inmate that referred that inmate to us. However, to be eligible for this, the inmate must provide the name prison ID number and address of that inmate before that inmate or any of the inmates family has ever contacted us because only one individual can get credit for this process. This allows Indigent prisoners to have equal access to our services with those that can afford the service.

Eligibility Evaluations

We will need to do an internal company eligibility evaluation of the client, which is a $500 fee, and the client and the family are provided a book concerning exactly how this process works published by the owner of our company along with all of the forms and instructions to submit for an evaluation. This evaluation takes approximately 30 days where we will review the following criteria of disciplinary record? Restitution payments? Drug, alcohol, sex, violence programming? Voluntary educational, vocational, religious, programming and certificates earned while incarcerated? Detainers? Any victims that would oppose the sentence reduction? Was the inmate involved in saving the life of a staff member while in custody? Will the family be able to assist to get legitimate offers of employment and the residence? We will do basic research of the criminal case. If the defendant is approved we would then do an external company eligibility evaluation which costs $2,000 and takes 90 days to complete and we will contact all of the lawyers that previously represented the defendant and collect any legal documents and information that may be helpful about the case, we will collect all of the internal prison records relevant to the inmate to verify the disciplinary, programming, educational and obtain the actual records concerning these accomplishments. We will contact the local law enforcement community in the Local District of conviction and find a licensed private investigator which meets our requirements that they are willing to work with, we will review the criminal case to see if there is an issue that is worth litigating for our purposes of maximizing the sentence reduction and obtaining the full cooperation of the prosecutor and the judge, we will contact the prosecutor and provide a brief to the prosecutor concerning our clients and the value of the information that we would be able to provide to the government and get prosecutorial permission to proceed with the cooperation for a sentence reduction process. At that juncture, the defendant would be approved for the sentence reduction process and we would reduce the amount of $2,500 that has already been paid off of the normal $15,400 sentence reduction cost over a period of 18 months, irrespective of the cost of a private investigator.

Refund Policy

A refund policy is that upon request, we will refund any unused portion of the expenses retainer.

Long-Term Expenses Retainer

The long-term expenses retainer is a non-refundable retainer.

Parole Package

At Huffman's Services, we do the necessary research and put a parole package together for a $1,000 retainer. The monthly expenses will be $200 a month during an estimated 6-month process. This research will include information on the parole board, the parole commissioner, the decisions that the parole board makes, questions that they may ask, and proper answers to those questions, along with putting together a parole brief and meeting with the parole board legal staff.

Sentence Reduction Total Expenses

The total fee for the sentence reduction service is $15,400. The only other potential expense is the cost of a licensed local district of conviction private investigator. 

We offer Veterans discounts, Senior Citizens discounts, Native American discounts, and payment plans.

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"We are merely an extension of the inmate-defendants own pro se efforts"
We are not lawyers or private investigators but we will retain one if we deem appropriate.
Effective Sept 1st, 2018, we will consult with a lawyer for all sentence reduction services due to the difficulty in negotiation with prosecutors