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"We will consult with your attorney of record when appropriate."

"We are not lawyers or private investigators, but we will retain one if necessary."

"All sentence reductions are accomplished either through the prosecutor's office or through clemency or commutation."

"Federal compassionate release has been changed to include an application for an inmate that has been assaulted by a correctional officer."

"All clients families are required to read and review monthly this website."

Huffman's Services
"We are the prisoner's advocate."

I have been assisting prisoners since 1984.

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Huffman's Services is proud to announce that the First Step Act has passed the United States Senate
and the United States House of Representatives has signed the bill into law. 

If you provide us your confidential information, we will contact the prosecutor and negotiate on your behalf.

Our Special projects team will come up with various ways to reduce your prison sentence:

Charitable Donations • Volunteer Service • Victim Assistance

Our Proven Negotiation Strategies Can Reduce Prison Terms

Huffman's Services in Erie, Pennsylvania, works directly with clients to obtain critical information to reduce prison sentences. In return, clients can receive extraordinary allowances, but confidentiality is essential to making this process successful.

To provide a simple explanation for a complex problem, we will go out and find confidential information, provide it to the government, and back it up with testimony to earn our clients a sentence reduction.

Our Services

Using proper negotiation strategies with the authorities to reduce prison terms takes time and patience. Though we are not lawyers or private investigators, we've had many successes in reducing sentences for offenders, thanks to decades of experience. Our representatives obtain information from defendants and provide it to case prosecutors. To be clear, the information often has nothing to do with our clients, but with other active cases. Once the information has been delivered to the prosecutor and confirmed to be accurate and helpful, clients can receive extraordinary allowances concerning their prison term.

The Process

If you decide to use our services and share vital information with the prosecutor, we will research your claims and court records, then present your confirmed information through the proper legal channels. That means we will hire a lawyer on your behalf to contact the prosecutor after the information has been obtained. In turn, the prosecutor will contact a judge to meet and discuss terms. An agreement will be reached with the police so the information can be legally verified. Once confirmed by the police, the prosecutor will ask for a sentence reduction from the judge. This is the only way to proceed to receive a reduced prison sentence.


Negotiation Services

Huffman’s Services provides an ability that lawyers in private investigators do not have. You have to remember that lawyers and private investigators have state licenses that are very strict and place controls on their actions. These rules were created by the courts, by judges, and prosecutors to limit the ability of a lawyer or a private investigator. They limit and prohibit the lawyers and private investigators from taking certain actions that could reduce their clients’ sentences. You have to remember that lawyers are officers of the court these are the very same officers of the court the prosecuted you and sentenced you. They work for the government, and there is no one client that is more important than their relationship with the prosecutors and the judge. In the course of a lawyer's career, they will have thousands of clients, and they have to keep a good working relationship with the prosecutors and the judges because it is their career and their livelihood. It's really simple to understand if you think about it that just one case out of thousands while it is important to you, it is merely a job for the lawyer. He has no vested interest in the outcome. He'll represent you and file motions and make arguments, but there's a big difference between representing you and defending you. Huffman’s Services has no such problems. We rarely deal with the same prosecutor twice, and hardly ever have anything to do with the same judge twice. We will defend you, and we will be your advocate by carefully researching the court record finding the mistakes that the lawyers and the prosecutors and the judge made and then going back in and negotiating with the authorities to reduce your sentence while cooperating with them at the same time. The lawyers will not do that. It is a soft corruption, but they won't defend you, only represent you.

Evaluation Criteria

Huffman's Services will do a $500 evaluation of anyone requesting a sentence reduction because it is a strict criterion to be eligible. 90% of the people that contact our company for sentence reductions are not eligible for a sentence reduction under the cooperation with authorities process that we utilize due to various factors such as nature of the offense, length of time served, restitution paid, programming accomplished, educational vocational religious award, certificates, diplomas, state or federal district of conviction, status of victims, and a wide array of other factors. It is important to remember that sentence reductions are controlled by several factors to include the judge, prosecutor, state or federal laws. Based on all of these factors, we do a very careful evaluation and, unfortunately, 90% of the people that apply to our company for sentence reductions we have to turn down for various reasons. Those that we accept for the sentence reduction process clearly understand that there are no specific guarantees at the end of this process and that these matters are at the discretion of the prosecutorial and judicial authorities. Huffman services will do our part and successfully cooperate with local law enforcement to solve a high-profile criminal case or perhaps find a wanted Fugitive to enable the cooperation with authorities process to proceed, but it is our clients responsibility to pay their court cost fines and restitution, take any court-ordered programs, take advantage of any educational vocational religious award certificates diplomas that can be accomplished while incarcerated, stay on perfect disciplinary conduct while this process occurs, and to comply with all other criteria to maximize the possibility for the highest possible sentence reduction. Acceptance of responsibility is critically important to the criminal justice system.

Dual Responsibility

Huffman's Services has a responsibility to enforce the rule of law while being an advocate for our clients. The criminal justice system acknowledges honesty, fairness, acts of attrition, and the acceptance of personal responsibility. Our duty is to consider the victims, the importance of a fair sentence, the safety of the public, and to balance these objectives with the best interest of our client.

"We are merely an extension of the inmate-defendants own pro se efforts"
We are not lawyers or private investigators but we will retain one if we deem appropriate.
Sentence reductions are at the discretion of the prosecutor as to manner and method.
This is the process of last resort. This is an opportunity to give back to the community by solving an unsolved criminal case in the local District of conviction which opens opportunities for potential sentence reductions parole probation and other type of relief. You should first exhaust all of your normal legal options. There's no guarantee of success.