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"We will consult with your attorney of record when appropriate."

"We are not lawyers or private investigators, but we will retain one if necessary."

"All sentence reductions are accomplished either through the prosecutor's office or through clemency or commutation."

"Federal compassionate release has been changed to include an application for an inmate that has been assaulted by a correctional officer."

"All clients families are required to read and review monthly this website."

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"We are the prisoner's advocate."

I have been assisting prisoners since 1984.

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Huffman's Services is proud to announce that the First Step Act has passed the United States Senate
and the United States House of Representatives has signed the bill into law. 

Researching Court Records Can Lead To Prison Term Reductions

Huffman's Services in Erie, Pennsylvania, provides exclusive research and negotiation services to help defendants receive sentence reductions. Please take a moment to review important terms concerning confidentiality, fees, and other details.

The key to Huffman's Services negotiation sentence reductions is research. Prior to meeting your prosecutor or law enforcement agent, we will do research on who they are, what specific case they are currently involved in, and what type of information that they may require. This research will allow us to meet with them and come to a working agreement to reduce your sentence through research of the confidential information they require. Whether it be a civil or criminal investigation, Huffman's Services' research will find out what the prosecutors need the most valuable type of information and provide it to them as part of a written agreement to reduce your sentence. Huffman's Services, if this case goes to court, will be required to testify on behalf of the prosecutor at Grand Jury preliminary hearings and trial.

The Process

We are merely an extension of the defendant's own pro se efforts. We are not lawyers or private investigators, and we are not practicing law or litigating or filing motions. We can contact the prosecutor, but if a lawyer is necessary, then we will retain a lawyer for our client. Every case is different. Our correspondence with prosecutors is merely an extension of the defendant's own pro se efforts.

Handcuffs and a Folder

Once the government informs Huffman's Services of the type of information that they need, we will research and find that information with the assistance of a private investigator who is licensed for this purpose.

Researching out the specifics also can help to reduce court costs, fines, restitution, child support payments, alimony. In many cases, our research services can increase government benefits for veterans that are incarcerated and others that are receiving pensions.

In many cases, Huffman's Services will research the most high-profile case that your county, state, or federal jurisdiction is currently investigating, and once we find that information we will provide it to your prosecutor.

Our owner Richard Huffman, based on his research, has testified in multiple homicide cases. His research has also assisted in cases of terrorism, burglaries, extortion, etc.

We will research your prosecutor, your parole officer, probation officer, judge, law enforcement agent, and other staff involved in your case to maximize our knowledge of the individual to make the most of the negotiation process.

Our clients will have nothing to do with our cooperation with the government. They are merely retaining us to earn them a sentence reduction. They will not have to testify or take any other action to earn their sentence reduction.

If you are going before a parole board or on a probation violation, Huffman services will carefully research the members, providing you with the information necessary on how to respond and what questions to ask, so as to minimize any negative decision by the board.

Research is the key to any successful negotiation agreement, and you can count on Huffman's Services in all of the research to be prepared for any eventuality to bring these matters to a successful conclusion.

If you have a consecutive sentence, Huffman services will do the necessary research to find the confidential information, and take it back to the government, providing it to them in return for them altering your consecutive sentence to make it concurrent.

If you have an excessive amount of court costs, fines or restitution, Huffman services will find confidential information that can be used to strike an agreement with the court to lower your court costs, fines and restitution in return for providing them with the confidential information.

Sentence Reduction Laws

Both the federal government and every state in the nation have cooperation with authorities laws on the books, these statutes allow for cooperation with authorities to earn a sentence reduction. Even where there are specific restrictions it is on a case-by-case basis. Huffman Services operates on the theory that if we solve a high-profile criminal case in the Local District of conviction or find a high-profile wanted Fugitive that our client will receive sentence reduction consideration irrespective of whatever the local policy is. The justice system main objective is Justice and if a wanted fugitive is found if a high-profile criminal case is solved with the assistance of a citizen or even through the assistance of a company that the citizen hired to do a positive act for society, an act of attrition to give back something to Society for the crime that they have committed, Huffman Services believes that the sentence reduction will be provided in some form or fashion.

Sentence Reduction Restriction

Effective October 20th, 2018, we have learned that sentence reductions in the state of North Carolina for cooperation under certain circumstances may require another relevant law to be used by the prosecutor's offices.

Effective June 1, 2017, sentence reductions for the Northern District of Georgia are prohibited. This is the only district we are aware of that prohibits third-party sentence reductions.

Federal Prisoner Requirement

Effective June 1, 2017, all federal prisoners will be required to do an eligibility evaluation. We will contact the United States Attorney and confirm they will accept third-party cooperation sentence reductions.  

Rehabilitation Benefit

Defendants who are cooperating with the government are in danger in the prison system. Defense lawyers rarely want anything to do with him because it is a lot of work to arrange cooperation. The truth, however, is that the only sure way of receiving a sentence reduction is cooperation with authorities whether it be directly or through a third party. Remember 97% of convictions create such a need to lower sentences. Booker Doctrine only goes so far and the final sentence is still a harsh end result. Huffman services are not looking for people that wish to buy their way out of prison that is not what we do. We are interested in Rehabilitation and convincing not only the authorities but actually creating a situation where our clients are less likely to re-offend. Our clients are required to do all of the programming that is necessary whether it be drug, alcohol, violence or sex classes. They are required to take educational, vocational, award certificates and other diplomas to maximize the potential for them being employed honestly when released. It is important that not only the prosecutor but the judge be convinced that the defendant has had a clear change of attitude and is truly sorry for the offense and the circumstances related to that.

That is why we also from time to time required apologies to be issued to all of the individuals involved from a victim's perspective. The prosecutor has to be convinced that there is a genuine willingness to no longer view the government and the criminal justice system and obedience to the law as an obstacle to being free. The truth is until they actually have a change of heart Huffman Services cannot assist them with a sentence reduction process which is why we do an in-depth detailed analysis of the situation. One of the keys to trying to rehabilitate is education programming and keeping an open mind to the process of not reoffending. Our company utilizes various mitigation expert process systems working with health professionals, the probation office, and the criminal justice system Department of Corrections to accomplish this task. The best way to not re-offend in the future is to break the cycle that created the circumstances to break the law in the first place. Very few facts that a sentencing judge consider is more important than the rehabilitative and lawful future of a defendant. Making amends with Society is one of the better ways to convince the court that a more mature attitude has taken place since incarceration. Huffman's Services only accepts 24 clients annually for a sentence reduction process and they're always looking for those individuals that have learned their lesson and wish to start life fresh with a different future acceptance of the past and a willingness to change.

Lawyer's Profit vs. Huffman's Services Profit

Attorneys make a profit by creating paperwork. A lawyer makes a profit whether he is successful or not. Since a lawyer makes a profit whether they are successful or not they have no responsibility. Huffman's services will only make a profit from success. Huffman's services only make a profit from successfully solving a high profile criminal case, finding a high profile fugitive, solving an insurance fraud case as we are paid a reward by the local, city, county, state, federal, or private organizations for success. The Client does cover the expenses but expenses are not a profit. Accordingly, Huffman's services are highly motivated to be successful.

"We are merely an extension of the inmate-defendants own pro se efforts"
We are not lawyers or private investigators but we will retain one if we deem appropriate.
Sentence reductions are at the discretion of the prosecutor as to manner and method.
This is the process of last resort. This is an opportunity to give back to the community by solving an unsolved criminal case in the local District of conviction which opens opportunities for potential sentence reductions parole probation and other type of relief. You should first exhaust all of your normal legal options. There's no guarantee of success.