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Mr. Huffman has returned from his business trip. His next business trip is from February 23rd until March 28th.

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I have been assisting prisoners since 1984.

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We are in a business of helping prisoners and there are a lot of people that do not want prisoners to get any help and they post anonymous reviews online we don't know who they are we can't respond to them because we don't know who they are they say terrible things and there's nothing that anybody can do about it because anybody can anonymously post online. We then get dozens of calls from companies that want to remove these posts for a fee and we suspect that they're the ones making the terrible post and then doing follow-up calls to make some money to take the post down. There's nothing we can do about terrible posting. Nobody identifies themselves there's no name there's no address there's no phone number there's just a name up there first name only they make up a story they post it whether it's because they don't like us helping prisoners but more likely there's somebody or somebody's family that we put in prison through cooperation to assist another to be released from prison. In the decades that we have been in business I believe we have three legitimate complaints through the better Business bureau all of which have been responded to. If you have any questions about a review if you have any questions at all please contact me 814-350-6898 and I will be delighted to answer any question that you may have about any review. Rarely occasionally an inmate or a family member will authorize us to post a review for them. But in our line of work nobody actually acknowledges the work we do when we're successful and I don't blame them we're in a delicate and somewhat dangerous line of work and helping law enforcement solve unsolved criminal cases to obtain sentence reductions for other inmates. This is the process of last resort.